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“…In an author’s note, Venkatraman comments on several elements of the novel, including Gandhi’s nonviolent revolution, Indian volunteers in the British Army during World War II, and her family history…”

Best New Books for the Classroom
Climbing the Stairs was selected by Booklinks as one of the Best New Books for the Classroom. At the University of Rhode Island, the book is being used as a text by Dr. Diane Kern in her course for teachers in training. A CD has been created which contains a short interview with Dr. Barnard LaFayette, distinguished scholar in residence at the University’s Center for Peace and Nonviolence, in which he discusses the book.

I enjoy speaking at libraries and schools, lecturing at universities, and conducting workshops on various subjects for children and adults.

If you would like to use the book in the classroom or learn more about the University of Rhode Island
Climbing the Stairs project, please email me.

Click here to download a handout containing lesson plans, theme-based discussion questions, and suggestions for cross-curricular activities.

Climbing the Stairs
was chosen as a discussion text for a graduate library sciences class led by Dr. Cheryl McCarthy at the University of Rhode Island. Click here to read the full list of questions the class came up with.

My publisher, Penguin, has created a discussion guide for
Climbing the Stairs which is available right here.

You may also want to download the
lesson plan suggestion guide or a powerpoint I developed containing background information and photographs of the true-life personalities who inspired my novel.
"Lovely book! … readers who've enjoyed Shabanu will like this, too--it's another affecting look at a culture and time unfamiliar to most of them seen through the eyes of a strong young woman."
Kathleen Fernandes, Facebook Virtual Bookshelf