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“…A welcome addition to the small but growing body of historical
fiction about growing up female in India…This novel excels
in its detailed depiction of a
Brahmin girlhood and family life during a time of intense
social and political change…”

When Amma’s husband is brutally beaten, her life changes drastically in a number of ways. In Bombay, in her own home, she had a loving and mutually respectful relationship with her husband and children. When she had to move her family to Madras to live under the roof, and rule, of her husband’s family, she became quiet and self-effacing.

The unjust treatment of women and girls in the extended family home is representative of the way women in many cultures and nations have been treated over the course of history. The role of women in India has come a long way, however. While gender inequality still exists, it is not as rampant as it was in the 1940’s. I, for instance, often climbed the stairs to our home library, and my mother always encouraged my love of books and supported me in my unusual choice of career.

Below are just a few of the many resources to be found on women’s issues and gender equality.
“Venkatraman writes vividly and with great authenticity about the mood of the times…  The account of young Vidya's time spent in isolation from the rest of the family in the 'outhouse' set aside for menstruating women is worth the price of the book.”                                                      - Travis Forsyth Sherman, Customer Reviews
Resources on Gender Equality

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For the complete list of resources on gender equality,
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